Dear Friends,

Once again, the best athletes from Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and many other countries from all Europe will all meet at The Brussels Throwdown 2014.

Last year, more than 180 athletes were fighting in the over heated arena to find the best male and female athlete in Belgium !

This year, in 2014, the competition will take a higher level : we will offer the opportunity to many athletes to participate as we will propose a big Qualifier first.

Before getting the possibility to compete in the final event of the Brussels Throwdown 2014, athletes will have to qualify and « earn a spot » through this unique online Qualifier. The Qualifier will be named « The Battle of the Braves » and will consist in 3 different workouts proposed on a period of 3 weeks.

In the past, the Brussels Throwdown was a one day event competition, this year, in 2014, the final event will be….a 2 days event ! The final event will take place during the weekend of the 6th and 7th September. And, as usual, it will take place in our overheated fighting arena, Reebok CrossFit Brussels !

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