Visitors & Drop-in’s

When you look at the number of CrossFit affiliates worldwide, it is obvious than when traveling, you will have all means to keep training and hit those PR’s with crazy people like you. That is why dropping into other CrossFit affiliates is generally a great experience. You’ll not only meet new people, but you’ll see how different gyms train across the world. Chances are, you’ll learn a thing or two on different movements, pick up some new verbal cues from the coaches, and any new experiences will help you

become more well-rounded in your CrossFit training. Of course, you could also bring your own experience and show us things we are not aware of (new routines, new techniques or just different ways to perform what we perform daily).

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, keeping your workout routine going, even while switching things up a bit at a different gym, you are welcome at CrossFit Brussels. At the heart of Europe, Brussels is known for being the crossroad of all nationalities. We will make sure to give you a little piece of home wherever you come from.

When visiting us, there is a drop-in fee of 15€ and whatever your level could be, you are most welcome. Please send us an e-mail a few days before your visit to inform us of your visit. Get yourself a short, a t-shirt and your nano’s and as you know : 3, 2, 1… GO !!!

Check our timetable here.